Why prefer Internet Leased Line?

Regardless of weather conditions, WeFe Technologies P. Ltd, provides you with high speed broadband connectivity in Bhubaneswar. Despite spending a hefty sum of monthly cost on WiFi connectivity, users are more or less bound to have problems like frustrating downtime, shared bandwidth problems as also the much distressing lower speed.

If, however, you happen to be a corporate house, a university college or a city hospital, I would recommend you to go for Internet Leased Line which will save you from all the harrowing experiences hinted above. Even though Business Broadband may also offer somewhat similar facilities, I would still advise you to choose the Leased Line for reasons given below.

More secured connection –

One of the biggest pitfalls of broadband connections, as we all have observed, involves sharing of it by several users and as a result of which the service becomes erratic. Leased Line, on the other hand, does not entail such sharing and so promises more secured connection. The security, as a matter of fact, comes from the fact that it is exclusively dedicated to a solo user such as you, while no third party has access to it. It’s like reaching the airport in your own Mercedes Benz sedan as compared to taking the Airport Limo that hops, skips and picks passengers from many locations.

More reliable connection –

Leased Lines are far more reliable as compared to broadband connections since the scheduled network as well as the performance parameters (in the case of Leased lines) can always be monitored that include latency, jitter, etc. This special feature facilitates providing SLA (Service Level Agreement) to the user, which actually is a common practice with most ISPs in Bhubaneswar and Cuttack. Leased Lines also feature better fault tolerance and performance/ monitoring, particularly for higher bandwidths.

Better Customer Service –

As compared to broadband plans where interruptions are routine than exceptions, Leased Line has none of these and so ensures better customer satisfaction. Why; ISPs feel no hesitation in offering SLAs since they know that they are quite capable of fault repairing through regular monitoring.

Wider options –

Even though both Business Broadband and Leased Lines offer quite a few choices for users, the picture is a bit brighter with the latter since it offers wider options, such as 64 Kbps, 128 Kbps, 2 Mbps, 155 Mbps and many more. With Business Broadband packages it is rather restricted.

More flexibility -

Leased lines are more flexible than that of broadband connectivityThis arises out of the fact that lease lines provide the customer the liberty to use the dedicated line for specific purpose, either to link various branches,  for dedicated internet access or for both.

Actual speed vs. indicated speed –

Though difficult to conjecture, yet proved true that the speed indicated in Business Broadband and Leased Line is not the same. Surprisingly enough, if anybody asks whether a 2 Mbps Business Broadband can provide similar speed as a 2 Mbps Leased Line, the answer would be negative! However, the reasons are quite simple. As the BB connection is shared with others, the speed is likely to go down; while with the Leased line, the question does not arise.

No difference between download and upload speed –

Wherever you may go, the speed specified for Business Broadband is only applicable for downloading. As uploading, let heaven help you! But the case is not so with Leased Lines that have symmetric connections. In other words, if the download speed is 2 Mbps, the upload speed will also remain same.  

Pool of permanent IP addresses -

Internet Leased Lines offer  pool of permanent IP addresses which enables groups to run their own mail servers, web servers and other applications, which is not so with Business Broadband.

And now, last but not least, Internet Leased Lines can jolly well be leveraged to form a Virtual Private Network across numerous branches more effectively than Business Broadband connections.