What Is Wi-Fi Interference – Causes And Ways To Resolve The Same.

Wi-Fi interference, to be precise, is any signal outside the configured Wi-Fi network that tends to impair its normal operation. The usual effects include slower speed, higher latency, frequent disconnection, reconnection, etc. Why; it may also result in an inability to connect to a Wi-Fi signal.

What Causes Wi-Fi Interference?

One of the most typical causes of Wi-Fi interference is sundry other Wi-Fi signals outside of the network operator’s control. This often happens when a signal is using the same channel. This type of co-channel interference also occurs when access points are much too closer and are configured with rather high of an output power. Under such conditions, the configured Wi-Fi network is likely to interfere with itself. While the best place to look for Wi-Fi interference source would be other Wi-Fi signals, there are tools available on the Internet that will let a smartphone or a laptop to view Wi-Fi networks as well as their relative signal strengths.

Wi-Fi interference is also caused by microwave ovens, 2.4 GHz or 5GHz cordless phones, wireless surveillance cameras, faulty fluorescent lighting systems, as well as personal Mi-Fi hotspots. However, such devices usually have markings indicating the frequency used. When this is unavailable, a look through the manual or a search on the internet will reveal the frequency used. Tools are also available with 3rd party vendors displaying all transmissions on 2.4 and 5GHz frequency bands. These tools become quite handy in detecting appliances and/or faulty fluorescent lighting systems that often cause interference.

How to Resolve The Issue

If interference is caused by other Wi-Fi equipment, the easiest way to resolve the issue involves the use of auto-channel. Wi-Fi access points that use auto-channel periodically scan the Wi-Fi spectrum and select the clearest channel based on what other Wi-Fi signals are visible. Yet another way to reduce interference is for the network operator to purchase and use cordless phones and/or headsets that do not use the 2.4 or 5GHz frequencies.

If, however, you suspect that the property has Wi-Fi interference issues, Hospitality Wi-Fi can perform remote diagnostics to detect any outside channel interference and change the channels used by the Wi-Fi to avoid the outside channel interference. If there is still an issue, it may be due to another non-Wi-Fi device on-property. If this is the case, you may then schedule an on-site visit with a spectrum analyzer to find any other sources of potential interference.