Technologies To Be Tackled In 2020

The adage ‘Time and Tide Waits for None’ remains incomplete till you include Technological Advancement along with it. True, some technological developments are crowned with instant prominence through industrial applications while others are left behind, to be picked up later. But none are lost or ignored, only to be given recognition in due time.

As for the current year (2019), some of the novel technologies that have received wide acclaim include Robot dexterityby which robots can learn themselves how to overcome or tackle a problem. Predicting preemies is yet another breakthrough technology in medical science, whereby a simple blood test can tell whether a pregnant woman is at risk of giving birth prematurely and rather critically, often resulting in fatalities. However, this post will walk you through some of the technological advancements that will be given prominence in 2020 and so are outlined below.

Higher Level of Artificial Intelligence –

Although AI has been hitting the headlines since sometime past, it will be reaching a new height in 2020 when computers will become capable of learning about the worldly matters  the same way we humans can. The secret behind this impala leap may be accounted for due to the enormous increase in computing power and data lately developed. The fast growing speed at which AI is currently progressing will help surpass computers to read (through studying messages/ reports); observe (through facial recognition); listen (by enabling Amazon Echo to answer command); speak (Siri being able to provide answers) and record emotions, attaining unprecedented performance level.

Voice Based Applications Will Rule the Roost –

Agreed that Alexa and Siri have fairly familiarized us with the power and ability of voice in conducting mundane jobs, most of the applications have, nevertheless, remained restricted. However, in not too distant future (2020) voice commands will cover far wider stratum of applications hitherto unknown us. What’s more, associated with Natural Language Processing, AI and Machine learning, voice-based applications will rule the roost in every corner of our life

NLP or Natural Language Processing

when being integrated with chatbots in not too distant future will help simplify their job, making it more effective. As a matter of fact, chatbots will employ NLP to understand language (over text or voice-recognition interactions) where users communicate in their own language, as they would do so with an agent. However, integration with NLP will make them more communicative with outsiders.

Blockchain Will Go a Long Way Than You Think

As we are heading towards a more decentralized (and more trustworthy) world in matters relating to money, Blockchain and cryptocurrency will be used by more businesses, more people, and perhaps by more governments spread all over the world.  Needless to say, this technology will induce and strengthen scores of our potential structures in the light of a trust globally established, leading to social scalability.

IoT and It's Fascinating Future –

IoT devices have already become part of our commonplace electronic culture, while people are adopting smart devices into their homes like never before. However, by 2020, it is estimated that there will be around 21 billion connected devices to the internet. Surprisingly enough, in just about a year, the figure went up to billions from a few millions. No wonder, the devices are getting smarter with every passing of day through Machine learning and AI. Mind-boggling yet true, IHS has predicted there’ll be over 75 billion total connected devices to support the arrival of the technology in 2020.

Edge Computing is on the horizon-

What with IoT and data convergence through cloud services, data computing has seen new horizons. Nevertheless, while most of the data generated at the edge of the network need high response time, a novel computing exemplar , edge computing involving processing of the data at the edge of the network is slowly taking place.   

As a significant part of a new technology (of 2020) it is rightfully anticipated that increased attention will be paid to edge computing in regard to intelligent networks in which the connected devices will be performing the necessary analytics at the location, while using the results for performing specific actions.