Best Broadband Service in Orissa State Capital

Are your Wi-Fi problems eating you all the while and you are trying to put all the blame on your ISP in frustration? Maybe that’s not the right way to look at it as faults elsewhere can also render Wi-Fi ineffective and futile. But do you know what ails you most? It’s the sudden sense of insecurity that hits you hard while you are used to consider Wireless Internet as customary as availability of electricity and water. However, systematic analysis of some of the problem areas and simple solutions will soon put you back on the right track. So, take a deep breath and relax, while considering the following issues.

Problem: Poor Internet speed in some of the rooms

  1. Solution # 1: Move the router. The nearer you can put the router to your planned coverage area, better will be the reception.
  2. Solution # 2: Try to rearrange the antennas. If the premises happen to be rather too tall, alternating between vertical and horizontal locations will prove helpful.
  3. Solution # 3: Change your router’s channel (if you think other routers are interfering with that of yours). Free software such as ‘NetSpot’ on Mac/Windows and ‘Wi-Fi Analyzer’ for Android will display all the nearby wireless networks, as well as the channels they are using. In case your router seems to be overlapping with others, go for a lesser used channel.
  4. Solution # 4: buy a Wireless repeater, which will extend the range considerably.

Problem: Poor Internet speed everywhere

  1. Solution # 1: Plug the laptop into the modem directly – if the speed is not up to the mark, call your ISP to do the needful.
  2. Solution # 2: Reset your router’s setting by using the RESET button. You may also use the ‘Guide to setting up a wireless router’ to set everything properly configured.
  3. Solution # 3: Replace the router – maybe, it has just conked out.

Problem: Devices fail to connect to network wirelessly

One and only solution: call your ISP to do the needful  

Problem: A particular device fails to connect to the network

  1. Solution # 1: Think in terms of deleting your present network and then re-connect again.
  2. Solution # 2: If on Windows 10, look for ‘Wi-Fi troubleshooting’ to open up ‘Identify and repair your network issue’. This will lead you through a series of diagnostics that will eventually restore connectivity.
  3. Solution # 3: On MacOs, run the ‘Wireless diagnostics’. Also, hold the option key and click the AirPort (Wi-Fi) icon on the menu bar. Look for ‘Open wireless diagnostics’ to follow on-screen instructions.

Problem: Network is OK, but Internet access is not there

  1. Solution # 1: connect the router with Ethernet cord, while if it works, then the problem lies in the router which may be reset to gain the access. If however, this also fails, it’s time to call the ISP.
  2. Solution # 2: Reset your modem as well as the router. This method generally works fine.  

Problem: Connection drops - not due to hardware problem

  1. Solution # 1: It’s a case of massive service outage, about which you cannot do much to improve. However, lodging the complaint with your ISP will at least let the people know more about the areas that become affected, so that precautionary measures may be taken to ward off future harassments.

    True; Internet speeds and Wi-Fi both have undergone substantial improvements in course of the past few years, while internet connections have also become more reliable, as compared to earlier days. But even then, issues still arise due to one reason or the other. It would, nevertheless, would be wrong to assume that your ISP is always responsible for all the misgivings, since many other factors contribute towards failures both in terms of speed and connectivity.