Point To Point Wireless Networking Over Ethernet – What It Is And How It Works

At Wefe Technologies we incorporate “Point-to-Point Wireless Network connectivity over Ethernet”, for providing high-speed internet to our individual customers. This probates us at large, to give our customers a seamless service and to manage their accounts consistently. Many times, our customers ask us about “reasons” behind a lot of things, and we fail to interpret to them the intricate details of networking technology. But we try our best to help with simplified technical details, so here goes our take on what we mean by PPPoE, and what it does for you.

Basics About Point To Point Protocol

Point to Point (PPP) might not be a new word if you have been buying internet connection. Even if you don’t understand its technical functionality, you must know it by name. And long story short, it is based on the PPP technology that you and us— your Internet Service Provider can share the data transmission, send and receive data packets, thus facilitating your “high-speed internet” connectivity. PPP is a type of “Wireless Network Encapsulation Protocol” that works as a bridge between two network points to share communication. Here, the “network points” are us, your Internet Service Provider (ISP), and the other point is your computer, hosting server, or wifi router! PPP is the authentic version of “dial-up” networking that facilitates TCP/IP networking over a modem. This technology was inspired by the Serial Line Internet Protocol (SLIP), most popular during the mid1990s. This PPP uses 2 or 3 layer protocols to establish the connectivity between the ISP and the customer. These “Layers” ensure certain configuration and authentication protocols for establishing the data transmission over the copper wire, fiber optic cables or satellite links. The Ethernet-based point to point network protocol derives from the traditional PPP technology. The Ethernet frame improves the service of the high-speed data connection with DSL modems. It allows Internet ISPs like us to manage access to accounts of our subscribers, via their unique usernames and passwords. This typically replaces the need for fiber optical wires, among other benefits.

How PPPoE Works

In the common set up of Home Broadband connections, for homes or small offices, PPPoE is a good internet service option, that you can enable using a username and password. These details are unique and can be accessed by you alone, and you pay a compact bill, for the internet package.

Final Verdict

With the development of network connectivity in Bhubaneshwar, the small town has gained ample project in the business sector, education sector, healthcare and what not. A lot of day to day tasks being dependent on the internet nowadays, this growth need to be substituted with a reliable networking technology, which PPPoE provides for good.