Paid Or Free – The Choice Is Yours

Even if you happen to be the lucky guy or girl who has just acquired a brand new PC and also got your Internet connection from WEFE Technologies P. Ltd, best ISP in Bhubaneswar, you still have a nagging problem disturbing you all the while. It’s about the safety and security of your PC, especially from harmful viruses and hackers. And your fears are not unfounded because attacks launched by any of these could cripple your system, while none may come to rescue you from such catastrophes, save and except effective Antivirus Programs that will protect you right from the beginning.

But here again, another frustrating issue raises its head – Free or Paid Antivirus? The situation becomes all the more complex since you neither deal in antivirus, nor with PC, but is a greenhorn attempting to go online for the first time in your life. Nevertheless, here is a brief representation of both types that may help choose the right one.

Free Antivirus:

The most attractive feature of this type is its free online availability – you do not have to pay anything for it, yet it starts functioning for you. However, you may do well to remember the old adage, “Don’t Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth” which in other words means that with free antivirus you may have to compromise with many things that you or your computer may not like. 

 To begin with, it has its limitations, such as protection from viruses only, while hackers can play hell with your computer whenever they may wish. Then there are the time limits, since most of these free versions function as ‘trial runs’, becoming defunct after a while, urging you to go for the paid version to be fully effective.

 Free virus protection software, oftentimes, provides you with the advantage of testing a number of products if you are considering the purchase of a package in the future, thus proving to be a kind of ruse to lure you into buying a paid version..

You may, however, do well to know that mostly, your computer will only run one anti-virus system at a time. So, if changing to another package, you will probably need to uninstall the previous system though the process sometimes is automatically done.

Paid Antivirus :

As against its free counterpart, a Paid antivirus provides more comprehensive cover and protection. It invariably contains elements such as anti-spyware, firewall solution, with easy access for the user to alter or modify the service type. What’s more, a fully paid version of antivirus will update itself automatically, using latest form of virus killing technology. Multiuser options, often offered by paid antivirus allow you to cover all your IT without the need for acquiring individual software.

Paid virus protection systems also include handy extras such as backup and recovery tools, much  when your PC crashes, while performance enhancement utilities ensure that your laptop or PC are performing faultlessly.  There is also the advantage of high quality customer support and technical back-up, mostly lacking in free software versions.

Choice Is Yours

Looking at it dispassionately, it will become evident that there are both advantages and disadvantages linked to Paid and Free versions of online antivirus. With the free type, you get a virus protection system that will ensure that your PC or laptop remains free of virus that could damage your system or compromise your private data.  It is effective to some extent, while being offered free.

With the Paid version, you will benefit from all the advantages of the free system, plus many additions, such as firewall protection, performance enhancing software and anti-spyware, to name but a few.

In the end analysis, it depends on what you want from your virus protection system. However, it is always worth discussing with your ISP, WEFE Technologies P. Ltdyour best friend in matters relating to the health of your PC as also that of your internet access connectivity.