High speed Internet access is provided through a broadband service, which is offered by a variety of providers. A network & point2point solution is a kind of broadband service that connects to the Internet through a network of computers. Network solutions use a router-like central hub to link a number of devices to the internet. Without using a router, point-to-point methods link two devices together directly. Businesses can enhance their operations by utilizing these technologies and high-speed internet connectivity. WEFE  Broadband service   offers phone and video services to enhance internal collaboration and customer service.

Network & Point2Point Solutions

A point-to-point wireless network solution is a high-speed Ethernet link between two locations such as buildings or towers.

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Multi Point Network Solution

The multipoint connection is a connection established between more than two devices. The multipoint connection is also called multidrop line configuration. In multipoint connection, a single link is shared by multiple devices.