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Connect to Wefe Internet and Experience Seamless Connectivity at Incredibly Fast Speeds

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Experience the internet at ultra-fast speeds with Wefe corporate broadband connection. Our WiFi plans come with speeds up to 1 Gbps making them the perfect choice for your office internet connection.

Being one of the nation’s largest Class A Internet Service Providers, Wefe serves more than 1.5 million broadband customers in 19 cities across India with world-class internet services. Our enterprise solution is designed exclusively to boost business agility and enhance the productivity of our clients with an internet connection that is much more efficient, reliable and scalable than home broadband. With a decade of experience in delivering fiber optic technology, we power close to 15000+ enterprise customers in Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai.

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We Are The Best Lease Line Service Provider

Connect to Wefe Internet and Experience Seamless Connectivity at Incredibly Fast Speeds

High speed internet is essential for the product development and service sectors to increase productivity and keep delivery rates steady. You need affordable, dependable, leased line internet connections to enable you to easily access the high-bandwidth applications in order to maintain consistent performance, security, and dependability across your services. With a cutting-edge operation centre and round-the-clock support provided by its leased line connections, WEFE Internet has been a leading internet service provider in the state of Odisha for the past 13 years. With its dedicated leased line connection, WEFE Internet delivers high performance connectivity, enabling you to operate internet-hungry apps and retain a constant connection for better business performance. In order to compete in this dynamic environment, you now need connectivity that is faster and more scalable.  Switch to WEFE Internet today!

Features and Benefits


No matter how many other users are using the network, you will always receive the highly dependable enterprise leased line service and speed you paid for.


Access your business applications quickly and exclusively with a dedicated internet connection guaranteed by our enterprise-grade SLAs.

Highly Secured

For your leased connection, have the freedom to select optional DDoS defence and managed firewall services.

Assured Scalability & Growth

Give your business a dedicated internet connection with speeds ranging from 1 MBPS to 100 Gbps.

Our Trusted Clients

Highway Honda

Gupta Power Infrastructure Ltd.

DTDC, Odisha

Self-healing network

Power back-ups and multi-path redundancy for all network elements

Low load time

Superior Web Hosting: Akamai, Google, Netflix, FB; Direct peering: Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Zen layer

Managed business continuity

Advanced data centers with disaster recovery systems

Secure Internet

Integrated DDoS protection to safeguard your network

Scalable Bandwidth - On - Demand

Easily upgrade your bandwidth to suit business growth and expansion

Direct Access

Connect directly to the endpoint of your choice

Customized Network Routing

Multiple gateways to seamless, secure connectivity

24x7 NOC Support

Maximum control through proactive network monitoring services

A cutting-edge solution, WEFE Internet’s new smart internet service gives SMBs strong connectivity, privacy, flexibility, and unmistakable visibility of their users and network. It is an internet leased line with cloud-based security built in and a user-friendly DIY interface that is simple to install, access, use, and view.
The one-stop, full-stack solution for all of a company’s connectivity and security needs, smart internet will relieve business owners of the need to handle IT issues on their own.

The solution offers:

  • Security based on DNS (Domain Name Service) that protects against harmful content, online dangers, and allows users to ban certain content categories as needed.
  • Services that are fully managed and simple to install, use, and maintain Increased output and best-in-class availability.
  • High-speed, stable, and dependable internet service that is dedicated and secure.