It’s Impact on Our Daily Life, Along With Premiere Biometric Solution Provider in Odisha.

The technical term biometric relates to the conjunction of two Greek words where bio stands for ‘life’, while metric means ‘to measure’. Thus biometrics broadly refers to the study of measurable biological characteristics of a living person. More closely speaking, biometrics specifies the identification or rather verification process of a living person that is based on his/her physiological and/or behavioral characteristics.

However, there are several features that are involved in course of biometric identification of a person that are listed below.

  • Face that involves the analysis of facial characteristics of a person.
  • Fingerprint that involves the analysis of a person’s unique nature of finger print.
  • Hand geometry that involves the analysis of the shape of a person’s hand and the length of fingers.
  • Retina that involves the analysis of the capillary vessels located at the back of the eye of a person.
  • Iris that involves the analysis of the colored ring that surrounds the eye’s pupil of a person.
  • Signature that involves the analysis of the mode or manner in which a person signs his/her name.
  • Vein that involves the analysis of the patterns of blood vessels visible from the skin of a person.
  • Voice that involves the analysis of the tone, pitch, cadence and frequency of a person’s voice.

Impact of Biometrics in Our Daily Life

Here are some of the ways that biometric technology ican impact on our daily life.

Home Security:

Biometric Thumbprint Door Lock is the key to a keyless security device that can save you (your home/office) from unauthorized persons intruding on your privacy and safety. Biometric fingerprint door locks or thumbprint door locks are far more effective when compared to conventional key door locks, combination door locks, keyless keypad lock or card reader door locks. Fingerprint locks can only be opened by a specific person based on his/her unique biometric signature and none else. Fingerprint door locks therefore are the last word in security protection, convenience, and pace.

But how they actually work, you might wonder. The technology applicable here is quite simple. The authorized person has his/her fingerprint’s physical characteristic scanned and turned into a numerical algorithm which is then entered into a database. The authorized person must subsequently provide that same fingerprint to be scanned and recognized by the fingerprint reader before access is granted.

Financial Security:

Palm Scanning is the key to safe and secured financial transaction, especially when conducted through the ATM. Though most contemporary smartphones are now capable of reading fingerprints to endorse card payments, banks and ATMs are still deprived of this technological competence to safeguard their clients’ interests. However, Brazil has shown the world how to achieve this when a major Brazilian bank BANCO BRADESCO introduced Palm Scanning at more than 30,00 ATMs, thus securing financial security of their clients. The technology is not limited to fingerprint scanning but also scanning the vascular pattern of the palm, mapping the layouts of the veins to achieve maximum security.

Security in Educational Institutions

Providentially, the UK seems to be one of the world leaders in the implementation of biometric technology in educational institutions such as schools. What’s more, many school libraries have implemented the use of fingerprint scanning to replace the traditional library card, while 350 schools were using similar technology to that of American prisons for access, attendance and even managing payments in school canteens.

Data Security

Even as of now, there are just a few laptop and desktop computers available in the market that feature fingerprint scanning as a security issue, while smartphones and tablets are aiming to reach the goal. However, as we continue to store more data on devices and in the cloud the focus on security will continue to rise.  Whether fingerprint scanning will take the place of conventional password is a matter that future will decide, the vote for the former is looming large everywhere.

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