Interminable Latencies Of Internet Connection, And What To Do About It

If you are facing poor internet connection, you are likely to come in contact with the word “latency” contextually, and so that you know, it is not your bandwidth. Latency signifies the various conditions that result in delayed network data processing, if not totally impair your internet connectivity.

Even though latency is largely mistaken as bandwidth, it is a different element altogether. And so much to say, latency is interminable in some instances, no matter how technologically equipped your ISP is. It’s a simple fact; low latencies will cause short term delay in loading your webpage, high latency can as much as exasperate that time span. But, what an honest ISP can promise, is reduced latency, no broadband connection comes without it. So don’t buy from an ISP that promises you otherwise.

In addition to delayed network propagation, it can also apply to data transmission via proxy servers, or other backbone devices.

Common Causes Of Latency

Your internet speed will fluctuate, whether at home, or commercial set ups, at some point of time. There’s no such thing as “seamless network connection”, this is typically sensed by offices that require unfaltering internet, for long hours, even 24/7 to facilitate rotational shifts. The common causes include, traffic loads, application loads such as from ERM systems, multi-users portals, client-server networks and the likes. Weather condition is always a potential contributor. Home computers largely face network lag due to weather conditions or heavy user traffic in a locality served by a common provider.

What To Expect From Your Broadband Network Speed

If we look at the best efforts made by ISPs, to deliver the best services as far as a seamless network connection goes, has a lot to do with the distance between your device, and the LAN. Next up, is to determine whether the connection is via wireless transfer or fiber optic cable. Based on the type of the connection, can you expect a considerate latency, and the network speed you can expect. If you face a network lag, run a ping test, to measure the latency, to have a probable hook of the round-up time. This is where Wefe comes to the possible resort, of being available at close call, with instant response, and most probable fixation of the lag.