How To Shun Typical Internet Speed Problems

Do you know that you could always be at a risk when using a wireless router or a wired one? Yes, networks and wireless routers are vulnerable and constantly under threat. Knowing this, you might now be feeling all panicky. If you are reading this blog, your worries will soon end because you will come to know more about the associated risks and security features that could prevent the same.

Stay Away From a Network Intruder

A network intruder never requires your consent for gaining access to your Internet. It simply needs an open wireless network. Do you have the slightest idea what it can be for you?  It can be disastrous because of the following reasons:

  • An intruder might simply take away your internet bandwidth
  • Gain access to sensitive information
  • Infect your network through spiteful threats
  •  Execute illegal activities using your network
  • Give out false requests causing DoS (Denial-of-Service) attacks thereby transforming the network into an unusable thing

Consequently, upgraded wireless routers were introduced in the market. Their security features are discussed in the section below.

Security Features for Your Wireless Router

To save yourself from intruders, ensure that your router’s security settings are properly configured. To see how, look into the crucial features:

  • Ensure a ‘Built-in Firewall’

This exact feature stands firm at the entry-point and protects your router. Its role is to identify legitimate traffic and unsolicited ones, thereby shielding your network from unsought inbound connections.

  • Allows for WPA2 Encryption

It is our duty to see if the wireless routers we have or the ones that we are planning to purchase have an allowance for WPA2 Encryption in it. Here WPA2 is safer as compared to WEP and WPA.

  • NAT as an Interface

NAT stands for Network Address Translation. This feature plays its role by acting as a boundary between private local network and your Internet. By ensuring the existence of this feature, you can actually prevent the attacker from harming your Windows OS and curve it towards your router.

  • Enabled Integrated Threat Defense

This very feature in your router is capable of resisting malicious threats such as viruses, worms and spyware. It is in essence, a security check at the entry level.

After knowing all about these security features, you must be thinking, who to approach for a secured network connection. WEFE Technology (P) Limited might just be your partner. You will be flabbergasted by its free installation charges on paying for 12 months in advance. Its ‘Mega Bachat Pack’ is also incredible and comes with stimulating benefits.


As discussed, a network intruder is tough to deal. The only way out is to take support from a reliable network provider. Configuring settings rightly can well be expected from it. So don’t be a victim and stay away from security risks just by ensuring the right features in your wireless router.