Can You Safeguard Your Business Secret From Foreign Hackers?

Your CCTV Camera system can protect your home from burglars; but how about protecting the system from hackers?

In other words, you are asking for policing the police! Though a difficult proposition, it can, however, be managed if you can take the following steps to protect your surveillance system from hackers. Meanwhile, if you are wondering about why the hackers would attempt to hack your system, the reasons are quite simple. Once they can deactivate your system, you and your home will become the playground for hooligans to come and destroy your nest you have so painstakingly built up through all the years. Nevertheless, let us concentrate on the following issues that will help protect your protectors.

  1. Buy your CCTV system only from a reliable source – That’s the issue numero uno so far as safety and source are concerned. When the source is trustworthy, safety is more pronounced. If you are located in Orissa, your best source will be Bhubaneswar based WEFE Technologies P Ltd who will provide you with comprehensive after sales service, an important factor that determines the effectiveness of your home surveillance system. Also, go for a more complex, higher priced system, because these are difficult to hack.
  2. Change your password as often as possible – A surveillance system can be easily accessed by a password. In the event of a stranger accidentally coming to know your password may help a hacker to intrude in your system to create havoc. Changing the password will, to some extent, prevent such happenings. Also, do not encourage friends and relations to access your system, because instances are not rare when passwords are unintentionally divulged by them and picked up by hackers.
  3. Secure your Wi-Fi all time – When you are using the security system at your home then you should protect your internet network with a difficult to pronounce password. Although you may share the password with the intimate members of your family, do not try to do it with others. Password leakage here also spells hacking hazard.
  4. Prefer a dedicated Network than a public WIFI, when accessing your security system from a remote area because CCTV camera hackers are used to accessing public WIFI to gather personal information of their victims and then hack them later.
  5. Buy a CCTV camera with encrypted signals – Ask the WEFE Technologies salesperson to provide you with a security camera featuring more sophisticated signals that can transmit on multiple channels, as also one that cannot be jammed easily. Although hackers can hack or jam any system they intend to do, but it becomes bit difficult for them to perform the task with this type of camera.
  6. Indent an anti-jammer – Ask WEFE Technologies salesperson to provide you with an anti-jammer that will automatically detect ant-jamming signals. It will also let you know of any signal failure that may have been caused by a jamming device.
  7. Go for a wired security system camera because these cameras are not so prone to hacking, as compared to wireless CCTV cameras. Moreover, when your system is wired, very few would be able to access the system.
  8. Always try to keep it updating- You should always focus on updating your security system by upgrading its features as also to enhance its performance. You may, however, receive all help in this matter from your supplier, Bhubaneswar based WEFE Technologies P. Ltd whenever you may need the same.