HighSpeed WiFi Connectivity In Colleges And Universities Of Bhubaneswar Empowers The Educational Sector Of Odisha

Odisha is ahead of its surrounding towns, as one of the most stalwart infrastructures for Education, side by side its culture tourism economy. It is one of the most advanced ancient cities in India, and a thriving infrastructure in the global education scenario.

The provision of free accessible Wifi connectivity in various universities and educational institutes in Bhubaneswar, both governmental and private, has added a new attribute in favor of the educational sector in Odisha. Starting from 2015, the Odisha Government has facilitated high speed Wifi connection in close to 30colleges and universities in the city so to optimize the modern education system in the state.

The Campus Wi-Fi Infrastructure

High speed broadband connectivity on smart devices like laptops, phones and tablets, connected with single password generation can be seamlessly accessible from all areas of the campus, including hostel dormitories, at dead of night!! Students are bode to experience a great benefit, and at the same time the challenge of leaving out “lack of resources” as an excuse for delayed submission of assignments.

As with more power comes more responsibility, the 24/7 internet access makes a worthwhile approach for a diversified campus environment. By giving students the freedom of internet usage, it gives them better opportunity to grow, given the terms that many students come from villages and rural areas, and connecting on social media and other “resources” via internet, gives them a better chance of improving their vocabulary, in terms of communication, language and technology.

Ethical Internet Service For Campuses

The performance of the network that will be impacted by the strategic placement of multiple access points (APs) and a gigabit capacity. Picture 100,000s of students, thousands of teachers, and tens of staff—the apprehension of the huge demand for network connectivity, that too, at high speed, at a constant basis. This is where Wefe met with the challenges of quality of service (OoS), to deliver seamless and fast internet, all about the infrastructure. That is not all, network oriented power consumption is also a factor, that Wefe has not ignored, to continue its optimized QoS, with energy efficient bandwidth allocation.

Leased Line vs. Broadband

It is recommended to opt for leased line, in case of Campus Wifi, for better safety and efficiency. This type of internet connectivity is likely to save you from the horrors of shared bandwidth, delaying downtime, lowered speed due to a vast number of unwanted or unauthorized users, such as visitors, guests and new recruits coming for an interview, who by no means directly require using the campus internet.

Leased lines are safer in this spectrum, which probates a more secure connection that streamlines its users. This line is easier to monitor the scheduled network and performance parameters particularly for high bandwidths, and can identify and fix latency and jitter issues more efficiently. It also facilitates the Service Level Agreement (SLA) that has become a common practice with most ISPs in Bhubaneswar.

Upgraded Performance That’s Reliable And Safe

Wefe takes care of an efficient data-rate transmission, aided with a sophisticated and seamless delivery of wireless internet to school, colleges and educational institutes, with up to 100Mbps speed at a transparent and affordable cost, on 30day and 90day plans. We have kept no stones unturned to deliver you upgraded performance, with the most reliable customer support, and complete safety from network theft, and other mal practices.