God Helps Those Who Help Themselves Is Equally True For Broadband Users

Let me remind you, lest I may forget, WeFe Technologies P. Ltd not only provides the best Wireless Broadband service in Bhubaneswar and adjoining areas but also can help you with tips about how to improve your wireless internet connection in a simple yet effective way. Utilize the tips to reach your goal right away.

Incidentally, Wi-Fi networks have a range that is somewhat restricted by the transmission power, antenna type, the location they’re used in, the environment and, of course, the router. Typical wireless routers in an indoor point-to-multipoint arrangement using 802.11b or 802.11g and a stock antenna usually do not have a range above 32 mt. (105 ft). However, here are a few tips to maximize your signal strength and minimize interference, collected from the horse’s mouth, aka WeFe.

Tip 1: Shift large pieces of furniture such as storing cabinets along the exterior walls of the room. Signals that are not required to move through large, unwieldy furniture usually result in better reception.

Tip 2: Get rid of unnecessary mirrors in your premises. After all, you are not running a jewelry shop at your site. Besides, metallic surfaces deflect Wi-Fi signals and that include the fine metal layer found behind most mirrors.

Tip 3: Set the router at the most effective site, such as:

  •  Around the center of the premises, preferably on the top floor. Radio waves are known to travel downward and so this will improve reception.
  • Also, keep it away from microwaves and cordless phones because these too operate on the same 2.4 GHz frequency and so are likely to affect reception.
  • The same applies to power cords, computer wires and halogen bulbs since these wires commonly interfere with radio reception.

Tip 4: Go get a Repeater or a Wireless Bridge, especially if you are located far away from your wireless access point. These devices are known to extend coverage sans the use of wires or other substances. However, try to set the Repeater halfway between the computer and the access point for best effect.

Tip 5: Consider changing your security algorithm from WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) to WPA/WPA2 (Wireless Protected Access) to protect against hackers that are not only harmful for computer but also affecting the network.  

Tip 6: Minimize the number of devices the Wi-Fi is made to support MAC addresses. Lesser the devices the network has to support, better the reception. Incidentally, MAC address stands for Media Access Control identifier for devices that you and your colleagues generally share, while limiting the number of devices will help accessing the network considerably.

Tip 7: Modify your wireless channel to avoid interference from sundry other wireless networks around you, especially if you are located in a densely populated area. Channels 1, 6, and 11 are preferred as these are known to have less overlapping frequencies.

Tip 8: Go for a stronger home network password. In fact, it is essential to have strong password protection on your router, not only for security reasons but also for keeping your next-door neighbors at bay (from sucking up your precious bandwidth).

Tip 9: Go for a new router, if everything fails. Also, think in terms of upgrading your router. Maybe the one that you bought many years ago had been modeled after prehistoric wireless standard. A new router with  newer networking technology, such as 802.11n or 802.11 ac will vastly change the picture.


Postscript :

Apart from your ISP, you too should take steps to improve your wireless internet performance, while the tips given above will help you a lot by way of achieving your goal.