Difference Between Home Broadband And Corporate Connection

When equated to more practicable terms, it may mean the Difference between home and business broadband.

For a layman, there is a big difference between home broadband and corporate or business broadband. This will, however, be evident if you have been hunting for broadband connection in Orissa. Ninety to one, you must have come across ‘Business Broadband’ packages advertised loudly by most Orissa ISPs, especially those located in Bhubaneswar and Cuttack, the past and present capital of the state of Orissa.

While ‘Business broadband’, as corporate connections are often called, cost a little more than home broadband, the former contains more features as compared to the latter. Nevertheless, both are amply outlined below for your benefit.

Support provided by the ISP :

Since businesses depend more on internet for their survival and growth, as compared to home internet users that usually search for consumer goods or indulge in home related activities, business broadband get priority in terms of receiving technical support. In order to become more effective, some ISPs, WeFe Technologies, being a premiere, Bhubaneswar based company, offer Service Level Agreement (SLA) to ensure that help will always be near at hand. Needles to say, such high level of technical support is not needed for home connections and so the rates are comparatively lower for these too.

Contention ratio:

This is the most crucial factor for corporate or business connections. It relates to the number of users sharing the same server, often affecting the speed of the connection. Business connections obviously need better contention ratio, which, however, is guaranteed by Bhubaneswar based ISP, WeFe Technologies P.Ltd.

Speed :

apart from Contention ratio,  is equally important in the case of business broadband and that’s precisely why Bhubaneswar based WeFe Technologies offer business broadband packages with higher speed as compared to their home connections. While 2MB or 4MB speeds are offered to most home packages, WeFe provides 8MB or more for their corporate clients.

Download limits:

While home broadband users generally limit their amount of download data, business broadband user can not afford to do so. Businesses, especially those that run and regularly update their websites, sending or receiving large files need much higher download limit almost on a daily basis. No wonder, Bhubaneswar based WeFe Technologies provide unlimited download limit for their corporate clients.

Security :

no doubt is most relevant to all, but a breach to a business online security could be disastrous in many respects. Since WeFe appreciates the issue, they offer enhanced security along with their Business Broadband connection in the form of FREE SECURITY PACKAGE that includes antivirus, anti-spyware, abuse control, spam control, as also online backup.

Wide array of services

Corporate clients, as compared to home broadband users, often require many additional services that include running their own email and web servers, access to PC from anywhere and many more , which are not possible with home broadband, because a static IP address is required for these operations. However, WeFe Technologies happily provides these services at a marginal cost.

Regardless of whether you want to use broadband for entertainment at home or are in desperate need of a fast and reliable connection for your business outfit at Bhubaneswar or Cuttack, go for WeFe Broadbandwhich is effective, speedy and cheap.