Best Broadband Service in Orissa State Capital

Disgruntled Biru Mohanty turned off his HP Laptop, looking askance at his roommate Praveen Patnaik, complaining about the poor connectivity provided by his Bhubaneswar ISP, while Praveen proved more realistic by way of arguing that the fault probably lay somewhere else. He even defended the current service provider by suggesting that changing the provider will give the same connection from the same location – just with a different brand on it. “What you need to do,” argued Praveen, “is to check where the fault lies, before moving on to a different ISP.”

Incidentally, poor connectivity mostly occurs with dial-up connections. When a consumer happens to prefer (or are wedged with) using dial-up and then are faced with poor connection speed, the initial reaction comes in the form of blaming the ISP. But in reality, there is very little the ISP’s technical support can do to fix the problem because it has a lot to do with phone line quality between point X and point Y. And the worst part of the story is that when the discontented consumer goes to another provider, that individual will see the same issue as:

  • The consumer is dialing into the same equipment being leased by another ISP, and
  • The consumer’s phone line problem remains the same

DSL (or ADSL) is yet another example of similar issue related to internet access. When there is a line issue with DSL signal traveling from phone company central office to the consumer’s home, woe befalls the consumer. Same is the case when the signal has to travel too far or there is any problem with the internal wiring of the premises. Unlike the dial-up, most of these problems can not only be detected but also resolved easily. But the problem lies elsewhere – it is the consumer’s unwillingness to do anything about it, save and except terminating the contract with the ISP, with the faint hope that another ISP will take care of the issue. Needless to say, the consumer will go through the same hassle all over again for the simple reason that DSL comes from the same place, regardless of whosoever delivers it.

So, what do you need to do for better connectivity while depending on the same ISP? The answer is simple and straightforward – update and upgrade your computer software. In order to get the best and fastest access to the internet, you need to have a working-perfect computer system in your home or office. Updating your computer’s software will ensure better internet accessibility anytime. While Windows update will prove helpful, there is one glitch that may pose a problem – monitoring your bandwidth consumption vis-à-vis losing the same through Windows update alone!

Your computer’s operating system has also a lot to do on how you browse the net. Needless to say, you must have the latest operating system to have the best effect. Since Windows 7 is currently considered the most recent version for Windows-based computers, go get it installed at the earliest.

The other thing that you should avoid on your computer to get trouble-free internet is the issue of network sharing of an internet connection. In your home or your place of work, make sure that you don’t enable other people to have free access to your internet connection either via wireless or via any other networking methods. If at all, you intended to share your connection with some group of people, make sure that they are the type of people that obeys the rules.

We all need better access to internet, as also better browsing, while ISPs whether located in Bhubaneswar or elsewhere are always poised to provide service to the best of their abilities. So, in case of any access or browsing problem, it may be worthwhile to pay attention to all the issues enumerated above before blaming the local ISP.