Biometric Technology- Old Wine in A New Bottle

While Biometric Technology has been around since decades, it has only been in the recent past that its significance is being felt by people as it is used in many common as well as uncommon issues. Why; it had reached India’s Supreme Court where its use in the much controversial Adhaar Card was challenged. However, here are a few instances where biometric technology has been used exclusively.

  • Door locks (especially in hotels)
  • Facial scanning
  • Fingerprint scanning
  • Retinal scanning
  • Hard drives

Apart from these sited above, biometric technology has also been used in the following spheres.

  • Airport security simplification involves storing of passengers’ biometric details in the form of a global database. Once this is done, all a passenger needs to do is to walk into a booth and face a camera. Lo and behold, the software instantly scans the iris and matches the details with information stored on the database and the identification process comes to an end.
  • Locking and unlocking of vehicle through voice recognition when using Bluetooth
  • Identification of blood donors through biometric devices
  • Identification of parents and their wards in schools and prevention of unauthorized persons in school premises. This will curb shoot outs in schools by outsiders.
  • Attendance record in factories and offices
  • Libraries in regard to keeping personal data of members (both casual and regular)

Despite such extensive use of biometric technology in various spheres of present day life, it may be worthwhile to take a closer view of this ‘newly practiced old technology’, especially its pros and cons, which nevertheless may guide you to buy Biometric devices for renowned Bhubaneswar-based dealer WEFE Technologies P. Ltd.

The Pros

One of the prime pros that feature this technology is its accuracy that can never be distorted nor doctored. However, this becomes possible since it uses physical features of a person that includes facial structure, fingerprint and retina pattern that remains the same till the demise of the subject. Even though one may try to mislead biometric findings by undergoing facial changes through plastic surgery, it would prove impossible to alter the retina pattern by way of replacing the retina –a process none will dare to do.

Yet another feature this technology offers equates to total stoppage of Time Card fraud. While one may tamper with a time clock, it would be impossible to alter the employee’s physical features, no matter how he/she may try at it. No wonder most employers are now installing biometric devices to check their employees’ attendance on a regular basis.

However, there are two more key features that put biometric technology on the fore front, so far as a parson’s identification is concerned – doing away with keywords and getting rid of key cards. Here again, the basic physical features do the trick. And it does it most efficiently.

The Cons

To be honest about it, there isn’t much material with which you may possibly upload this episode, save and except the high installation cost and emotional upheaval that are often associated with the concept of biometrics. True, it may prevent ultimate loss of money for the employer, but buying and installing the system, from whichever source you may procure, can be expensive. Then there are added costs when integrating the system with current network.

As for the emotional outbreak often associated with biometrics, the justifications propped by antagonists aren’t so convincing. Why; don’t you need to provide all physical details before the medic when you go for treatment of your ailments? The same is true with issue of international passports. Then why the hula bulla about submitting personal data ina technical form? Frankly speaking, there isn’t much of material to point an accusing finger against the use of this super helpful technology now.

Though it may seem like keeping old wine in a new bottle, yet it tastes quite good and at the same time works wonder. If in doubt, consult with technicians working under WEFE Technologies P. Ltd, who will provide all the assistance you may need to install the system in your premises.