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You want my what? This was perhaps the reaction even a few years back among employees when the Human Resource (HR) department asked for fingerprints for their corporate biometrics. However, it’s a well-accepted fact now and people no longer cross-question it. Still, a question mark still lingers in their mind. While some consider it an intrusion into their private life, employers know how utilitarian the technology is!

So what’s biometrics? It is a unique security system, which has encouraged timekeeping to take a leap forward. The story of biometrics started when companies realised time stealing among workers. However, with the popping up of this technology, time clock and sheets of paper were successfully replaced. Today, it is an indispensable device, let’s uncover how.

Why Is Biometric Security Systems Indispensable In A Workplace?

Here is why it’s deemed to be the future of timekeeping:

  • Readily Customisable

Unlike the customary manual time clocks that necessitated time stamp by employees when entering or leaving office premises, biometrics allow for customisation with augmented security levels. Moreover, it offers data, something, which is convincing.

  • Better Than Passwords And Identity Cards

There is always a possibility of password stealing or ID card theft for companies that use such security features. However, with biometrics technology, elimination of this threat is probable, discouraging company time stealing and ensuring correct timekeeping. Moreover, the devices save a lot of time, not only for employers in managing attendance but also for employees, proving their presence in the office with just a simple punch in and out.

  • Access To Scheduling Options

With massive head-counts, managing and scheduling on a routine basis seem complicated for the HR team. This is when a biometric resolve scheduling conflicts and promises a seamless operation.

  • Promises Transparency

The timekeeping device actually keeps a track of workers in a workplace, tracing the whereabouts of them. Whether they are present in the office or have gone out for a break, everything’s recorded, inspiring transparency in the attendance system.

  • Promotes Punctuality

When workers know there’s no escape from the technologically advanced biometric system, they are bound to reach office in time on a daily basis.

  • One Time Investment

Investing in the intelligent biometric proves money saving for employers, as they hardly have to worry about fake attendance and manage it by themselves without the assistance of an extra helping hand.

Wefe and Biometrics Solution

Wefe Technology (P) Limited, a pioneer in the networking industry of Odisha, offers biometrics solution to corporate users. Featured under its umbrella of products and services, it boasts a technology that holds value primarily among enterprises. By taking automation to the next level, it has turned out to be an indispensable device in the corporate world.

It’s entry into the Odisha market, has successfully replaced attendance sheets and time clocks with attendance machine that tracks the login and log out time of employees.


Although we are yet to experience more such recognition technologies in future; for now, the biometric system rules the corporate scene in Odisha. As long as this sustains, leading networking companies like Wefe Technology (P) Limited will keep on offering biometrics solution to offices.