Bhubaneswar ISP Provides Technical Knowledge Too For Prospective Customers

Technicians working under WeFe Technology P. Ltd not only help provide high speed broadband connection in and around Bhubaneswar but also spend hours with inquisitive customers, satisfying most of their procedural queries. Though oftentimes these têt-à-tàtes prove rather distracting for skilled techies, the prospect of getting a customer this way encourage them to prolong such sessions.

However, here is a typical session that involved Ram Nayak from Gopabandhu Nagar, a prospective customer, who wanted to know the difference between High-speed Internet Connection and Broadband, as also what speed meant for a layman, while a highly knowledgeable WeFe Technology techie does his best to elucidate the issues.

>> To begin with, Ram Nayak was aghast to know that both carried the same technological features. The terms are, in fact, synonymous. Broadband debuted as a generic term to describe high-speed data communication in the beginning. It literally meant a bandwidth that was broad enough to handle a lot of data simultaneously—almost comparable to a two-lane street and a multi-lane expressway. So, Broadband internet service, in other words, is high-speed internet service, capable of handling plenty of data at the same time..

High-Speed Internet is internet service which is also pretty fast. However, it was provided on some type of broadband technology, such as DSL (or ADSL), cable or satellite. Wireless mobile Internet service and fiber-optic cable were broadband technologies that emerged for general consumers in the early 2000s.

Currently, there are a lot of different types of broadband Internet service that are provided by WeFe Technology  in Bhubaneswar and adjoining areas. Some are more suited for large organizations that require a large network of users to be on at the same time. However, the average home user also has options when deciding on the type of broadband service required by such person or persons. Incidentally, not all services are available in all areas, cautioned the technical expert.


When going for high-speed broadband internet access, you need to check speed/price considerations. More speed the more it’s going to cost you. Many Bhubaneswar based ISPs offer some kind of starter package that is found faster than dial-up. This is OK for emails, chat, paying bills and such. However, if you have young people at home, you may need to go for higher speed because they love downloading lots of things off the internet. However, you need to know that a modem’s top speed is 56Kbs that’s 56 kilobytes/second which is 56,000 bytes/second. The fastest broadband connection that is known equates to 3Mbs, or 3 mega-bytes/second, or 3,000,000 bytes/second.

Benefits of having broadband internet service from WeFe

There are quite a few benefits to having broadband internet service from us, asserted the WeFe techie. With higher speeds, you would be able to access more sophisticated web content that include embedded video or Flash-based games. Also, you may converse over the phone while connected to the Internet, which was not possible with dial-up service. What’s more, if you’re in a home with multiple computers and multiple users, our broadband service will allow most users to be online at the same time with a simple network setup which can be provided by us.

For  all of your technical terminologies you may now depend on WeFe Technologies, whose highly knowledgeable technician will provide you with right answers. Go ahead, try it out today.