About Us

WEFE Technology (P) Limited is one of Odisha’s leading companies with interest in Wireless Internet Service, Network Solution, CCTV & Biometrics Solutions. WEFE has been a pioneer force in the networking sector with many firsts and innovations to its credit.

WEFE is structured into three strategic business units – Wireless Broadband Internet, Network Solutions, CCTV & Biometrics Solution Provider. The Broadband Internet service provides Internet connections to Home users as well as corporate users. Network Solutions provides the solutions to the corporate and institutions to make their premises Wi-Fi, which help them to work together. Connect all the computers with each other within the organization in an efficient manner. CCTV solution secures your Homes, Business, offices, Schools and Assets. It helps to watch your house or business in real time. Biometrics Solution helps office to maintain the staff records and attendances