5 Key Features To Consider, When Installing A CCTV Security Camera System

While smart city plans of Indian government are underway, on the other hand, escalation of crime rates has brought worry lines to every individual dwelling here. In both the situations, one thing is common— the urgent requirement for video surveillance. However, simply investing in a CCTV camera is not enough, if you are not aware of the essentials that it should encompass. To save you from making blunders, this write-up intends to enlighten you on basic features that a modern CCTV security camera system should contain. Read on, to explore them.

Supports high-definition video recording

Today, even smartphones support HD video recording, then why should we not expect the same from our security cameras? High Definition (HD) indicates a resolution of 1080p, which ensures crystal clear footage, whereby even the smallest of details can be monitored.

Capable of recording footage in low-light conditions

Since crimes mostly occur at night, the CCTV camera that you invest in should be powerful enough to capture recordings in low-light conditions. Best for commercial spaces, such systems either use infrared to record footage or support heat-vision. So for a dimly lit area, this feature should definitely be present.

Records audio

Let’s be practical. A surveillance system that lacks a speaker or a microphone is pointless. This is so because, without it, one would probably feel helpless if such a situation arises, whereby audio is equally important for tracking a burglar.

Provide for a wireless technology

What is the use of HD quality, if the surveillance system lacks wireless technology? Usually, a CCTV camera has a cable attached to it. Since snipping it off can ruin the video feed, a wireless network is a must-have for the modern security camera systems. Such sorts add an extra layer of security to both homes and high-risk locations.

Comes with motion sensors

Another technology, mostly glorified in movies, is a motion sensor. With the incorporation of such a feature, a lot of storage space and internet is saved. Moreover, since it arrives with motion detection, it supports movement tracking. This quality allows the camera to turn and keep the person in its field of view.

A surveillance-free area or the presence of technologically crippled CCTV camera leaves us defenceless. This makes our properties prone to vandalism and a remote area susceptible to crime.

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To help you come across an ideal setup, the factors mentioned in this write-up deserves your special attention. Keep them in mind, the next time you take up responsibility of surveillance in your area, residential complex, office zone or any other place, where it’s deemed necessary.